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What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating involves the installation of pipework in the floor, so that the whole floor acts like a radiator, silently warming the room from the ground up. The pipework is concealed within the floor and is filled with warm water that can be powered by a boiler fueled by gas, diesel or wood or an air-to-water or geothermal heat pump. 

As underfloor heating takes up no wall space, it makes it ideal for large open plan homes or those with lots of glazing. A digital zone control is used to determine the temperature of each room/area.

All underfloor heating systems use a manifold.  The manifold provides flow and return circulation of warm water at the correct temperature and flow rate to ensure an even, comfortable floor temperature throughout your home. The manifold is best positioned centrally within your home. This keeps underfloor pipe circuit lengths to a minimum, helping to balance the system and control the temperatures within the rooms.

The manifold, which is contained in its own cabinet, is ideally situated within an airing cupboard, utility or cloak room and should be accessible for maintenance and servicing.

A combination of both underfloor and radiator heating can be installed within a home. 

What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

  • Ideal heat distribution for human body (warmest at feet, coolest near head)
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Takes the chill off polished concrete and tiled floors)
  • Options available for new and existing homes
  • Heats your home silently with no forced air circulation 
  • Different zones can be set to different temperatures
  • Optional WiFi system control via smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • Eliminates the need for radiators, which in turn offers greater design flexibility when it comes to layout and furniture placement

Underfloor heating (Wellington)



Multitubo polyethylene pipe has raised temperature resistance specifically for underfloor heating application and has a 25 year guarantee – product life in excess of 50 years.

  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Strong yet highly flexible
  • Suitable for embedding in concrete floor slab
  • Maximum operating temperature of 70°C
Multitubo PE-RT Underfloor Piping
Multitubo PE-RT Underfloor Piping

Underfloor heating (Wellington)
Multitubo PE-RT Underfloor Piping


The VarioComp Floor Heating System by Variotherm can be laid over solid or timber floors making it an excellent choice for renovations. VarioComp is mainly a retrofit underfloor heating system that is overlaid onto an existing floor structure and uses water-filled pipes to carry warmth throughout the home. 

It has a super slim construction height of 20mm. Even with the low profile it has a high heat output and heats up extremely fast compared to traditional in-slab installations making it easier to control.

1. 18mm thick Gypsum panels (600mm x 1000mm) are laid across floor area to be heated
2. VarioComp pipe (11.6mm) is then laid in the pre-routed runs of gypsum panels at spacing of 100mm 
3. A filling compound is then poured and spread evenly across entire surface 
4. Floor leveling compound is then applied (installed by a 3rd party flooring specialist)
5. Floor covering applied

Gas heating (Wellington)
VarioComp Underfloor Pipe

Gas heating (Wellington)

Gas heating (Wellington)

Tanja | Mirimar, Wellington

I would like to thank you for the great service and very professional attitude I have received throughout the install and set up of my central heating and hot water. You have done a great job calculating my heating requirements and finding a system set up that addresses all my needs. Throughout all of this, I have felt listened to and that my opinions and feedback were respected.

Kevin | Wadestown Wellington

We have been from the very start impressed with the service and communication with EuroHeat; from Lisa making contact to arrange the time to discuss our project right through installation and later for the last few items to be tidied up they have shown that they care about what they do. I can highly recommend them to anyone

Dominic | Lower Hutt, Wellington

Campbell and his team at Euroheat were excellent from start to finish. Very responsive to questions, and even after the system was installed and paid for he came back personally to answer questions, adjust settings or fix minor defects. We would highly recommend Euroheat for central heating installation and would definitely use them again in future.


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