Central heating is the only heating method that heats the whole home evenly, allowing you to make full use of your home during the cold winter.


Warm water central heating eliminates cold spots, drafts and damp. Because there is no forced air circulation, it doesn’t distribute irritating dust and allergens.


Water transfers energy at four times the rate of air, making warm water central heating systems much more energy efficient than warm air systems.


We offer a range of different heat sources and heat distribution combinations so that you get the best performance and cost benefits for your lifestyle.

Radiator heating Wellington

Benefits of Radiator Central Heating

  • Quick response time
  • The ability to lower the system output or turn off during hours when no one is home
  • Optional WiFi system control via smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • Individual radiator manual control
  • A variety of styles and colour choices to suit your decor

    "We are delighted with the radiators and I was very impressed by the hard work of the EuroHeat team, they have done a wonderful job, they cleaned up and left everything tidy and they were so helpful. Best of all the house is warm, dry and quiet."
    Lucy, June 2019

    "We definitely recommend EuroHeat - they made installation of our radiators so easy and were so friendly and helpful the whole way through the process. We couldn't imagine going back to having a cold house! Seriously life changing!"
    Rachael, July 2019

    We use quality European products with market leading warranties

    Radiator central heating Wellington
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