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The heat source is the main component of any central heating system. There are a variety of different sources to choose from and these can be divided into two distinct groups: boilers and air-to-water heat pumps.

Boilers burn a fuel to create the high temperature water that circulates through a central heating system. Gas boilers can provide heat for both radiator and underfloor systems and can use either Natural Gas or LPG.

Air-to-water heat pumps are electric appliances that heat the water that circulates through a central heating system. The air-to-water heat pump converts large amounts of low temperature heat in the air to small amounts of high temperature heat. 

Underfloor Central Heating Wellington


EuroHeat install Baxi gas boilers due to their efficiency and reliability. 

Baxi boilers can use either Natural Gas or LPG and depending on the model can be installed inside or outside your home. 

System boilers provide heat for radiator and underfloor heating systems only unless combined with a hot water cylinder. Combi boilers provide heat for the system and domestic hot water production.

Gas heating (Wellington)
Baxi ECO3 Indoor System Boiler

Gas heating (Wellington)
Baxi Luna Duo-tec+ Indoor System Boiler

Gas heating (Wellington)
Baxi Luna Duo-tec+ Indoor Combi Boiler

Gas heating (Wellington)
Baxi Nuvola Duo-tec+ Storage Indoor Combi Boiler

Gas heating (Wellington)
Baxi Luna Duo-tec Outdoor System Boiler

Gas heating (Wellington)
Baxi Luna Duo-tec Outdoor Combi Boiler


EuroHeat offer a range of quality European diesel boilers from Firebird. Like gas boilers the diesel boilers come in both standard efficiency and condensing high efficiency, the latter with up to 98% net efficiency. Indoor models are generally installed in a garage or laundry area. Outdoor models are also available and are ideal when indoor space is limited. 

All diesel boilers require a diesel tank for fuel supply. These tanks come in both a 460L and 880L capacity. Depending on where you live, a diesel tank fuel bund may be required by council. 

Firebird have also worked with Central Heating New Zealand to deliver a boiler specifically designed for New Zealand’s robust conditions. These boilers are easy to install, commission and service. They are environmentally green due to having low emissions. They use an Elco blue flame technology burner, which is technically superior, reliable and as wide operating tolerances. Elco have been manufacturing burners in Italy for over 90 years. 

• Easy to read Boiler status lights
• Condensing efficiency up to 98% net - up to 20% greater seasonal efficiency than standard boiler
• 5-year warranty
• Outputs ranging from 20kW up to 44kW
• Multi directional flue options
• Modulating self-priming circulation pump

Central heating (Wellington)
Firebird Enviromax Condensing NZ Indoor Boiler 26kW / 35kW

856 x 555 x 618 / 856 x 555 x 618

Wellington Underfloor Heating
Firebird Enviromax Systempac Outdoor Boiler 26kW / 35kW

945 x 597 x 651 / 945 x 597 x 651

Diesel Fuel Tank 460L / 880L - 1200 x 559 x 902 / 1200 x 700 x 1282
Diesel Fuel Tank 460L / 880L

1200 x 559 x 902 / 1200 x 700 x 1282

Diesel Fuel Tank Bund 460L / 880L - 1485 x 630 x 935 / 1485 x 785 x 1315
Diesel Fuel Tank Bund 460L / 880L

1485 x 630 x 935 / 1485 x 785 x 1315


Air-to-water heat pumps are among the most efficient heat sources on the market and the eco-friendly choice for your home. Air to water heat pumps take heat from the outside air and transfer it to a water based central heating system. The heat that is created can be used for underfloor or radiators.

Chofu heat pumps are made in Japan and have been tried and tested in New Zealand for the past five years. The high-quality heat pump features a single-phase inverter compressor with an integral room controller for easy management of heating times and temperatures, including domestic hot water production.

• Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems and radiators
• Max flow temperature of 60°C, min outside air temperature -20°C
• 5-year warranty
• Very low noise
• Heating efficiencies over a COP of 4.5 and delivers temperatures up to 60°C - at high efficiency 
• Patented anti-frost technology ensures high performance is maintained in temperatures as low as -20°C.
• 6kW, 10kW, and 16kW single phase units available

Wellington Underfloor Heating
Chofu Air to Water Heat Pump 6kW

Central heating (Wellington)
Chofu Air to Water Heat Pump 10kW

European Underfloor Heating
Chofu Air to Water Heat Pump 16kW


Programmable Digital Thermostats will automatically switch your heating off when you’re not at home, or when you don’t need it.

The Heatmiser neoStat
The Heatmiser neoStat

Nest Digital Learning Thermostat
Nest Digital Learning Thermostat

"We would like to say a very big thank you to you Cam and Jason for the brilliant service you have provided. We have really appreciated the level of communication, very fast responses and service, patience, excellent installation service and now a lovely heating system. Cam's attention and understanding made the entire process seamless and easy for us. We will most definitely be recommending EuroHeat to anyone who is interested in radiator heating."

Rob & Di, Mount Victoria, Wellington

"I would like to thank you for the great service and very professional attitude I have received throughout the install and set up of my central heating and hot water. You have done a great job calculating my heating requirements and finding a system set up that addresses all my needs. Throughout all of this, I have felt listened to and that my opinions and feedback were respected."

Tanja, Mirimar, Wellington


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